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The 2nd “Blue Carbon Orange Lamp festival” welfare upgrade



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UU12-150/200 LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Home Battery Backup
UU 12-200 stores energy and makes it available on demand anytime at night or during an outage.
UU 12-200 becomes your home's main energy source.
Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on,
phone charged and no puddles under the fridge.

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King Light 1.0

New design
It is widely used in streets and roads,residential areas, scenic spots, parks, squares, private gardens and other public places.

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Knowledge Lecture Hall

Blue Carbon hand in hand BEE TV,
devote to create, at a glance, help you understand more.

Blue Carbon Propaganda Film

Propaganda video, real-time dynamic, development process

As a supplier of the micro-energy storage solution products we design and manufacture adapt to the time and face the future. And continuously improve the technical added value of the products, enhance the competitiveness of the international market .

This is very Blue Carbon

Have a look for Blue Carbon high-end supply chain and first-rate product accessories

People oriented

How to make products are as important as why we make products

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