Praise from a 90-Year-Old Nomad in Ulaanbaatar Pasture

December 29, 2023
Praise from a 90-Year-Old Nomad in Ulaanbaatar Pasture

Navigating through challenging terrain covered in thick snow, we eventually reached our destination after nearly four hours of driving, guided by a local driver familiar with the route.

Upon arrival after drove four hours, we were warmly welcomed by the elderly gentleman and his spouse. With flowing white hair and a long beard, the host exuded an air of wisdom and serenity. After introducing ourselves and explaining the purpose of our visit, he warmly grasped Mr. Zhao's hand, bringing his face close and said with profound sincerity, "You are a wise person! You've provided us with so many excellent products! We should thank you!"

These words of gratitude from a 90-year-old man upon our entry instantly warmed our cold bodies, dispelling the harshness endured during the journey. We learned that the area where the elderly couple resides is a nomadic region near Ulaanbaatar, where generations have sustained their livelihood through herding. With no access to conventional power sources, life in this region is incredibly challenging. However, with the recent adoption of solar technology, solar products, especially those from Blue Carbon, have gained immense popularity in these pastoral areas.

Recommended by our existing customers, the elderly man had recently incorporated our solar products into his life. Solar power not only illuminates their homes but also powers household appliances for activities like boiling water, cooking, and watching TV. This innovative solution has addressed the electricity challenges faced by nomadic communities.

The elderly gentleman expressed his admiration for solar power, highlighting its infinite and pollution-free nature. Most importantly, he emphasized the financial relief it brings by eliminating electricity costs. He praised our company for doing a great service for their community.


On that day, Ulaanbaatar experienced an extreme temperature of -39°C, yet our products remained unaffected. Their resilience is a testament to the global recognition and positive word of mouth that has allowed them to reach numerous homes, businesses, and countries.


Apart from the technological marvels, Ulaanbaatar itself captivated us with its pristine beauty. Ancient trees stood gracefully in the snow, and the cold air bestowed a tranquil ambiance reminiscent of a utopia. It became clear that the elderly man, with nearly a century of experience, embodied true wisdom—ensuring the preservation of this beautiful land for future generations, free from pollution.


In essence, the elderly are the true bearers of wisdom, harnessing a century's worth of knowledge and experience to bestow a legacy of environmental preservation upon this stunning landscape.

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