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January 26, 2024

The current status of the photovoltaic lighting industry is evident in several key aspects:


Industry Status: In recent years, the combination of domestic photovoltaic technology and LED lighting technology, coupled with strong government support, has propelled the expansion of the solar street lighting sector in China. According to statistical analysis from 2010 to 2021, the total installed capacity of solar street lighting in China has surpassed 50 million units. In 2021 alone, the domestic market for solar street lighting exceeded 5 billion yuan, and the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic lighting in China reached 27 million kilowatts by the first half of 2021. It is projected that by 2025, the industry market size could exceed 6.985 billion yuan, further accelerating the breakthrough development of the photovoltaic lighting industry in China.


Technological Maturity: Photovoltaic lighting technology has reached a high level of maturity. The efficiency and stability of photovoltaic components continue to improve, and the development of LED lighting technology enhances the energy efficiency of photovoltaic lighting systems. Simultaneously, the design and installation techniques for solar lighting systems have become more sophisticated, while the application of intelligent control systems further enhances the intelligence and automation of photovoltaic lighting systems. Overall, as global emphasis on green energy and energy efficiency grows, photovoltaic lighting technology is expected to play an increasingly vital role in the future.

Market Demand Growth:With increasing environmental awareness and support from new energy policies, the demand for photovoltaic lighting products continues to grow, especially in remote and rural areas. As technology advances, the costs of photovoltaic lighting systems are decreasing, making them more competitive in the market. Coupled with the momentum of current low-carbon environmental protection policies, the rapid marketing and promotion of photovoltaic lighting in the field of photovoltaic power generation are inevitable. With the sustained increase in market demand, the long-term outlook for the photovoltaic power generation lighting sector appears promising.


Wide Range of Applications: As photovoltaic lighting technology matures, the efficiency and stability of solar cell components improve, leading to an expanding range of applications. Currently, the photovoltaic lighting industry in China is widely applied in various sectors, including government, commercial, industrial, and residential settings. In commercial and industrial domains, many businesses are installing photovoltaic power generation systems to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs. In the government sector, the Chinese government has been promoting photovoltaic lighting, such as popularizing solar street lights in impoverished areas. In residential areas, products like smart homes and solar street lights are becoming increasingly common. Photovoltaic lighting is not only used in outdoor road and landscape lighting but also demonstrates significant potential in areas like rural and remote lighting. The industry's product portfolio, including photovoltaic lawn lights, LED photovoltaic track lights, photovoltaic smart security lights, and solar street lights, is rapidly evolving, and application scenarios are expanding.


Complete Industry Chain: The photovoltaic lighting industry has gradually established a complete industry chain, covering the production of photovoltaic components, the design and installation of solar lighting systems, and the sales and service of photovoltaic lighting products. This comprehensive chain includes engineering construction and post-maintenance, providing a solid foundation for the industry's overall development.


Policy Support: Governments worldwide are implementing policies and measures to support the development of the solar lighting industry, including subsidies, tax incentives, and technical standards. For instance, on January 3, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and five other departments issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Energy Electronics Industry," explicitly calling for the improvement of long-life, high-efficiency LED technology. This aims to promote the application of new semiconductor lighting products in smart cities, smart homes, and the development of green and healthy lighting, providing continuous impetus for the development of China's photovoltaic lighting industry.

In summary, the photovoltaic lighting industry is currently in a phase of rapid development, with growing market demand, maturing technology, an evolving industry chain, and continuous policy support. This sets a solid foundation for the sustained development of the photovoltaic lighting industry. With the advancement of new energy and technology, innovations like the upcoming foldable dual-axis tracking photovoltaic bracket from Ning Sheng Materials Technology are expected to further enhance the reliability and efficiency of photovoltaic lighting. This will contribute significantly to the industry's larger-scale development and application, making substantial contributions to green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.


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Blue Carbon Technology Inc., which officially entered in Rizhao in 20 09, is one of the suppliers of photovoltaic product research develop and micro-energy storage system solutions in the world.  Blue Carbon has 13 industrialized 5.0 factories, more than 4 0 professional technical personnel, and invests more than 2 0 % of the annual income in research every year. After many years of consumer market choice, Blue Carbon was laying hundreds of operation center and exhibition hall, to provide better after-sales service in the global. Blue Carbon provides customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in photovoltaic lighting, general U P S, lithium iron phosphate batteries, micro-energy storage system and other fields, and continuously creates value for customers with supply chain partners. Blue Carbon always adheres to the customer-centric, quality-driven growth of development ideas, actively invest in the research and development of new products. Aiming at the guarantee requirements of differentiated use environment and differentiated use demands, a series of cost-effective, high-quality and diversified product types have been launched. Through the combination and iteration of products, product systems and schemes covering the full life cycle of customers' use have basically been formed. With the continuous optimization of the business structure, the company's core business and new business value sustained and healthy development, business quality maintained the level of customer satisfaction, our service meets the very satisfaction from the customers.

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