Lithium Ion Battery Pack

1.Volume: The capacity of LiFePO4 battery is bigger than lead- acid cell,with the same volume,it is double of Lead-acid battery.

2.Weight: LiFePO4 is light. The weight is just 1/3 of lead-acid cell with the same capacity.

3.Discharge rate: LiFePO4 battery can discharge with maximum current,it is used in electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

4.No memory effect: No matter the LiFePO4 Battery is in which conditions,it can be charged and discharged whenever you like, no need to discharge totally then charge for it.

5.Durability: The durability of LiFePO4 Battery is powerful and consumption is slow. The time of charging and discharging is more than 2000times. After 2000times circulation,the capacity of the battery is still more than 80%.

6.Security: LiFePO4 battery passed the strict safety testing,with higher safety performance.

7.Environmental protection: Lithium materials not have any poisonous and harmful substance. It is regarded as green and environmental protection battery. The battery has no any pollution no matter in the process of production or in the process of using.

8.Well graded and combination. After multi-selection,to ensure each cell qualified with long life;

9.The connection tech of all interface,be safe and durable,with simple maintenance.

10.Multi-layer protection structure,shockproof,anti explosion and fire.

11.Safe and durable for long run.

12.Security and reliability,compared with lead-acid battery,the materials of LiFePO4 is the securest,the best choice of solar energy storage battery.

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